Build a Kick Ass Company is a program from BizXcel Inc. At BizXcel, we believe in people and the power they have to do great things. 

We know if we can remove the distractions stopping you from focusing on what's really important then you can build a kick ass company.

Our team has been working with organizations across North America for over 30 years to build stronger, better companies.

We developed the Build a Kick Ass Company program because we are passionate about leading the revolution on changing how work is done in companies - changing not only the way we work for the better, but also our lives as a result. 

We imagine a world where we abolish the TGIF mentality; where there is no more "working to live" or "living to work", there's just living. 

We are Believers


The Team


Gary Gzik

Gary Gzik is an international presenter, trainer, consultant, author, and all-around enthusiastic guy who has been inspiring people and organizations for over 30 years.

As CEO of BizXcel Inc., Gary has worked with hundreds of organizations and over 10,000 individuals through his training and consulting work in the areas of: leadership development, team building, personal development, conflict resolution, train the trainer models, effective communication skills, strategic planning and customer service improvement.

He believes that every person and organization has the ability to be exceptional. This philosophy has gained him a solid reputation for producing great results.

He awakens thoughts that motivate people to change the way they look at their lives and the way they do their work.


Renée Eaton

Renée likes to spice up standard business practices with creativity and fresh insights.

A member of the BizXcel team for almost 10 years, she has spent the last 5 helping organizations with their strategic planning, team building, communication, training, marketing, organization and more.

She believes in businesses filled with passion and excitement.



Hannah Gzik

Hannah brings her abundance of energy to the team and is not afraid of pushing the limits to see positive results.

She has been a member of the BizXcel team for five years taking on many new and exciting projects. She is a work addict and loves to be around people. She studied a joint major between business and people. She brings additional experience by having worked with non-profit organizations, speaking at functions, chairing Relay for Life at her University and volunteering time on boards.

She feels strongly that positive attitudes and being awesome every day is key to the success of a team and organization.


Kayla Wharton

Kayla is a proven Marketing Ninja who never shies away from a challenge. Her bubbly and fun personality combined with her knowledge, grit and determination for positive results makes her a valued member of the BizXcel family. Kayla is one of the newest members of BizXcel with a refreshing creativity abound with possibility.