Are you about to crash?

We all know a terrible driver. Maybe you’ve even been accused of being one. The worst of the worst, however, end up on Canada’s Worst Driver. Ten years running and the crashes, crunches and general destruction are still going strong.

One of the first lessons participants learn on the show is a fairly simple one – look where you want to go. If you don’t want to run into the Styrofoam pedestrians, then don’t look at them, look around them.

This concept is the same with organizations. You need to be focused on where you want to go in order to get there. You need to be able to clearly see your destination to put the practices, processes and work in play to get your team there.

By painting clear pictures of your future for your team, it will be easier for them to align their skills and actions to achieve them.

Many companies tend to do the opposite of this. They focus on their weaknesses and what’s causing them problems and pain. This is our inherent negativity bias. We have evolved to give more attention to negative things because they have the ability to make us feel bad longer (and in our caveman days – kill us).

While important to deal with, you cannot let your focus remain on the negative or your team will stall and stagnate.

By focusing on the positive and where you want to go, you and your team will achieve success easier. Not only will you know where you’re going and be able to plan what you need to do to get there, but our brains work best when primed towards the positive. A positive atmosphere helps us feel safer which increases trust; allows us to build stronger, better relationships; and helps us to learn new skills.

So take the knowledge learned the hard way by Canada’s Worst Drivers through hundreds of bent bumpers, scrapped doors, and broken mirrors, and always look where you want to go.