The Mass Producer vs. the Craftsman

Leaders have a powerful impact on the people who choose to follow them. They mould their behaviours, actions, choices, and lives as a result. We don’t usually think of leadership in terms of production, but there is no mistake that leaders play an influential role in the development of people.

And many of the same principles in production apply to leadership. Choosing to be a mass producer of people versus a craftsman will lead to very different outcomes.

1.            Mass Producer – Do more with less

A leader with a constant “do more with less” mentality often creates people who feel they are poorly treated. They end up overwhelmed, drained of energy and disengaged from company goals.

              Craftsman – Sometimes you need more to get more

These leaders understand that you need to spend more time and energy in order to build quality
relationships, better communication, and dedication and loyalty to company goals.

2.            Mass Producer – There’s only one way

This leader feels that there is only one way to treat followers. Often leads to discouraged
followers who feel like they are never truly seen or cared for.

                Craftsman – Every person is unique

This leader knows that every person is different and needs to be dealt with slightly different in
order to reach their full potential.

3.            Mass Producer – Aims for good enough

This leader feels that as long as things are moving along alright with no major bumps than there
 is no need to do more or worry about the details.

                Craftsman – Strives for excellence always

This leader takes time to nurture the development of their followers, truly cares about their
well-being and is always working to make things better by working on both the big and small details.

4.            Mass Producer – Often focused on short-term goals

This leader is only interested in what will provide the biggest payoff right now, without taking into account the effects it may have on the future of their followers.

                Craftsman – In it for the long-term

This leader knows that their job may not be realized until years (even decades) down the road.
They plant the seeds of influence and inspiration in their followers today and continue to nurture them for as long as it takes. This may require them to be patient and make sacrifices in order to reap the benefits down the road.