The missing piece to great work

Without action, intention means nothing. You can string together all the words you want into a great message, but without acting on them, you’re better off not wasting your breath.

But what about action without intention?

What happens when you expect people to take action without giving them a purpose for their actions?

People need direction for their work. Without it people have difficulty finding motivation to put in the sweat and struggle. Without a purpose for their efforts, it is easy for it to feel meaningless and lead people to become disengaged. Without a clear goal to align with, actions often miss their mark and energy is wasted.

Action without intention robs people of passion and the ability to go the extra mile. It’s hard to give more when you don’t know what you’re giving to.

Intention + action. On their own they’re just pretty words and meaningless effort, respectively. Together they are the driving force behind great achievements.