What do you have to give?

Our neighbours to the south celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, a Happy Thanksgiving to them. To all turkeys, our sincere condolences. We’re sorry we find you so delicious.

Thanksgiving is, obviously, centered on giving thanks for all the good things in our lives – family, friends, health, etc. The point is to help us recognize all that we should be grateful for.

With another holiday focused on giving just a month away, I think there’s a few other things besides thanks we could also be giving, both at home and at work.

Give a helping hand

Give your time

Give a second chance

Give patience

Give empathy

Give respect

Give the benefit of the doubt

Give compassion

Give an apology

Give forgiveness

Give understanding

Give someone a minute of listening - really listening

I’m sure you can think of even more things worthy of giving to others. If giving thanks makes us feel grateful, just think how good it would feel to give all of the above.