The time to slow down is now



In our modern world, we bow down to anything that means we can get our jobs done faster. We have a love affair with speed – or more like an addiction. We are on a quest to fast-forward all our work.

However, amidst all this rush we vaguely wonder where all the stress, confusion and lack of motivation is coming from.

There are certain things that need to be done the long way. Some things require us to slow down to achieve better insights, more clarity, deeper understanding, and better results.

You can’t rush passion.
You can’t create a shortcut to connection.
You can’t hurry understanding.
You can’t build a procedure for finding purpose.
You can’t hasten trust.

We must take the time to ask questions, explore, listen, meet and talk, get to know one another and what is going on around us, and sometimes, just unplug and be alone with our thoughts.

If you want to build a business based on commitment, strong relationships, creativity, and passion, you need to put on the brakes and put in the time.

These things can’t be done by technology. They can’t be outsourced. We can’t multi-task our way through them.

Slow down. 

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