Make a little love at work today

(Don’t worry, this is completely G-rated)

 Valentine’s Day has come and gone and while we were encouraged to show our love for one another in our personal lives, the sentiment remains absent from our professional lives.

When did we collectively decide to not love one another at work? Many offices have become the opposite of love-ins. They’ve become places of indifference.

We tell one another to not take things personally, to not care too much, to leave it at work when we go home at night, to not mix our personal lives with our work lives.

What does it really mean to love one another in the simplest terms?

Respect: For people and their feelings, goals, abilities, etc.

Trust: That people will do what they say they will do

Caring: About how our actions affect one another

Commitment: To shared goals and objectives

Passion and desire: For one another’s well-being and in helping each other to succeed

I think it’s time for us to start taking things personally. To open ourselves up to getting hurt. To wear our hearts on our sleeves. To allow ourselves to be seen.

Let’s want deeper connections with the people we spend so many hours of our lives with. When we have respect, trust, caring, commitment, passion and desire then we will see people who are not only creative and innovative, but people who work for (and with) one another with blood, sweat and tears.

Let’s get invested in the happiness of one another.

Let’s want more for each other.

Let’s love one another.