Why we all want to be regular

“I never bothered to get to know them because I knew I would never see them again.”

A co-worker and I were having a conversation about “regulars”. He’d just returned from getting lunch from his favourite coffee shop and was miffed there’d been a new employee and he’d had to explain his order.

That’s one of the perks of being a regular – being remembered.

As a teenager, he said he’d worked at a fast food joint on the highway where no one was a regular. They were just strangers passing through, not to be seen again.

But don’t we all want to be a regular, even if we’re not one? Don’t we all want to feel like we are important – someone who matters? A person people give extra attention too? Even if the odds are they won’t see us again.

What if you started treating everyone you deal with like they are a regular – potential clients, one-off customer service calls, people from other departments, the cashier at the gas station (yes, it goes both ways).

Everyone you encounter has a deep, secret (and not-so-secret) longing to matter to those around them. Make a point of treating all people like this and watch amazing things happen – not just at work, but in your personal life too.

Because the world’s a lot friendlier when it’s not filled with strangers just passing through.