When you don't want to be a regular

Every day before heading into work, I make a quick stop at one of the five Tim Horton’s in our town and order a small French vanilla cappuccino.

I’m there so frequently that oftentimes they see me in line and start prepping my caffeine fix before I even hit the cash.

It’s great – unless it’s one of those blue moon days when I want to order something different. Then I feel awkward and uncomfortable going in and disrupting our pleasant routine to change things up.

Last week we talked about the power of making everyone feel like a regular, even if they never will be. This week we are going to look at the needs of the actual ‘regulars’ in our lives – co-workers, bosses, staff, customers, even our family and friends.

It’s all too easy to get into a routine with those we deal with on a daily basis. We get used to giving people what we think they want because that’s what they've wanted before.

The funny thing is, despite humans being largely creatures of habit, we don’t like to think we are. We like to think we can change things up if we want to, or that we are not so predictable that people know what we want and need before we even ask.

We want to feel that there are opportunities to try new things and that we are important enough to be asked once and a while if we need a change.

Without this, people can start to feel under-appreciated and relationships start to falter.

Try shaking things up a bit over the next few days by not assuming you know how your ‘regulars’ want to be treated, but rather giving them the opportunity to tell you what they need/want. You might be surprised by what you hear.

Talking about surprises, tomorrow I think I’ll order a café mocha…