Passion is overrated


I’m a big fan of passion. Just the word itself evokes such powerful thoughts and images. Passion is exciting. Passion is deep. Passion is invigorating.

However, passion is a fickle mistress to work with. Look passion up in the thesaurus and it will give you the following synonyms:

  • Urge

  • Ache

  • Infatuation

  • Lust

Passion is all about intensity; a burst of energy. But the truth is, no one can keep up that energy for long. Urges wane. We learn to live with aches. Infatuations get boring. And lust, well, ask any long-term married couple if lust is what got them to where they are today.

Passion is an excellent way to light the fire, but it takes hard work and commitment to keep it ablaze. Unfortunately, words like obligation, duty, responsibility, steadfastness and staunchness aren’t nearly as sexy as passion.

You decide what will take you farther. 

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