Are you crazy enough to jump?

It was the first swim of the summer for us kids. Standing on the dock, I could feel the heat of the wood through the soles of my feet. The water sparkled with the light of the hot mid-day sun. Moments before my brothers, friends and I had thundered down the dock yelling and laughing with excitement. But now we were still, quiet enough to hear the lapping of the waves below us. We all knew just how cold it would be compared to the heat of the day. We’d be gasping from the shock by the time we reached the surface of the water.

Looking at one another, we all agreed we’d do it together. At the count of three, we’d take the leap as one.

We counted.




This is the story our lead trainer and CEO, Gary Gzik, likes to tell groups when he talks to them about commitment and team work because at some point in our lives, we've all played a variation of this game.

What generally happens? You think I’m not going to jump. Usually because you think you’ll be the only one crazy enough to do it and you don’t want to look foolish in the water by yourself with everyone laughing at you.

You know what though? Great teams are only created when we fully commit ourselves first without worrying what the person beside us is going to do. When we say that we are all in no matter what.

Sure, there’s always going to be those people who don’t jump. However, it’s usually not laughter that greets the person who commits, but respect and admiration for the one who did what they said they’d do even if those around them didn't.

And it inspires others. This is how movements are started. Someone crazy enough to commit themselves to something regardless of others and another person who is inspired to join them because of it until the whole group is committed to themselves, one another and the goal.

The next time you’re standing on the edge, don’t worry what the person beside you is going to do, just jump. You’ll be glad you did.