The downside of being #1

We all love a winner. And we all love being a winner. The rush from being number one is intoxicating. The pride, the accolades, the cheering crowd – it all sends the blood pumping through our veins and pushes us to be stronger and do better.

However, as much as we all strive to be the one at the top of the podium, we forget the feeling we get from being the one who cooperates instead of competes.

It never fails that at least once during the Olympics you see a runner that injures themselves during a race, but still tries to pick themselves up and continue. And we all stand in awe when another runner gives up their chance of winning and instead reaches down a hand and pulls their competitor to their feet and supports them across the finish line.

We are amazed by those who see the greater good in cooperating over competing. Those who choose people over status.

When we compete we isolate ourselves from those who can support and help us. When we cooperate and share, we all win.