Taking the leap from average to awesome

“But this happens at every company right?”

This was a question we were asked recently when discussing areas for growth and improvement with a client. It’s not an uncommon question either. Leaders want to reassure themselves that they are not alone; that they are no different than any other company.

And that’s okay. The problem occurs when we use it as an excuse not to get better. When we say “Everyone else is like this too, so why should we try to change things?”

This kind of thinking leads to, at best, average teams and average companies.

To move past average to awesome you need to push past your comfort zone and make an effort to not be the same as every other company, but to be different for the right reasons.

Here are four things that companies do to go from average to awesome:

1. Question the Accepted

Sometimes it is necessary to question the reasons you do certain things. Just because you’ve always done something doesn’t cut it. These practices may be holding you back and/or preventing you from trying different ideas.  

2. Be Vulnerable

Moving to awesome means leaving yourself open to feedback and difficult conversations. It means examining your motives and biases. It means trusting others to act in the best interests of all and doing the same yourself.

3. Take Risks and Make Mistakes

Becoming awesome doesn’t happen without stepping into the dark of the unknown. You can’t be afraid to make mistakes and take wrong turns. An environment free of fear and encouraging of exploration, along with subsequent open, non-judgemental discussion, is a must.

4. Be Uncompromising

Awesome companies are rooted on strong foundations. They never compromise on fairness, respect, honesty or trust within their ranks.

So do you want to be no different than any other company, or are you willing to take the leap?