Give them what they want

It’s pretty easy to guess why so many employees are disengaged at work. But what about the engaged employees who love everything about their job? You know, the ones skipping in and out of work each day with a smile on their face! Everyone WANTS to love their job so what is it that is giving them a little pep in their step?

I was flipping through the special issue of Your Workplace magazine which listed 5 reasons employees love their jobs, because really, who wants to be in an unhappy work environment?

The top 5 reasons on the board are:

1. Coworkers

2. Organizational Culture

3. Autonomy

4. Variety/learning

5. Being challenged

Do any of these surprise you?

A job is more than a list of duties for 8 hours, it’s about relationship building, creative freedom, feeling valued, continuous learning and development opportunities, and new, exciting challenges.

Everyone wins when you all love your company – isn’t that the kind of company you want to be a part of? Make your company and its talent so good it’s worth tweeting about?

Find ways to re-ignite the inspiration and motivation in the environment to be proactive against those that drag their feet, procrastinate on projects, take extended breaks, and show up late and run out early.

How do you take your uninspired employees and inspire them at work? Feel free to share your advice for everyone here by adding to the comment section. To read the full article from Your Workplace magazine click here.