What would you rather have?

When building teams we often look to the skills and capabilities that are needed to complete a particular purpose. So we look for people who have those abilities.

However, what we often forget is that there is something more important than skills when it comes to the success of a team. And that’s attitude.

Making sure people have a positive attitude towards their work and each other, are a good fit for the organization, and are passionate about the team’s purpose is much more indicative of team success than skills.

If a team is composed of people who don’t have the right attitude, then it will not reach its full potential.

If a group of people with a great attitude are then joined by a member with a negative attitude who happens to have the right skills then that team will suffer.

On the other side, if a team is composed of people with the right attitude, they will go out of their way to improve themselves and help one another to ensure they acquire the skills needed to do the work.

In the end, a high performing team comes from people with the right attitude and the right skills.

Only one of these can be taught.

So what are you focused on?