Staying safe vs. staying the same

Fear has long kept us safe. Devised to keep us out of dark caves, away from poisonous snakes and spiders, and nowhere near the edge of steep cliffs, it served us well when the world was a dangerous place.

Fear’s role in our modern world is a little different. We no longer fear the things that have the true potential of harming us (like soda, fattening food, and a lack of exercise), but instead fear things that hold us back and keep us from growing.

We fear learning new skills in case we don’t excel at them and our ego is damaged. We fear asking others for help in case our pride is lowered. We fear entering constructive debates that have the potential of opening us up to new ideas in case our beliefs are challenged. We fear talking to a new group of people in case we are rejected.

Fear today is less about keeping us safe and more about keeping us the same. If we want to grow, both personally and professionally, we need to examine the reasons for our fear and question whether we want to listen to them or not.