Why We Don’t Trust Others

Trust is an integral part of all our relationships in life, both personal and professional. It can be difficult to describe just exactly what trust is. The definition I like best comes from Simon Sinek. He describes trust as giving someone the ability to hurt you, but believing that they won’t.

When we trust people, we are essentially telling them two things:

1. I know you are capable of doing the right thing
2. I am confident that you will do the right thing

Trust is both rational and emotional. We trust others who have shown us through their actions that they are able to do what they say they will – that they are competent.

However, the bigger part of trust is having confidence in the other person. Do you believe that this person will do what they say they will? You can probably think of many times when a person has proven that they are capable of doing something, but you didn't believe them when they said they would.

 To trust someone is to place your faith in them.