What we all need

We all want to be appreciated. Studies show that most people say recognition for contributions is more fulfilling than any rewards or gifts, and most people who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation as the main reason. Praise and recognition are the oxygen of the human spirit. We all crave it.

However, most of us don’t give praise and appreciation effectively. We say things like “good work” or “nicely done.” We praise the end result, but not the effort that went into achieving the outcome. In this short video, Kerwin Rae, entrepreneur and international speaker, explains how people need to know you’ve noticed what it took to achieve the results. By doing so, you recognize and appreciate them, not just the outcome. It shows people they matter, and that’s something we all want.

So the next time you’re giving praise, try to focus on the:

  • Time spent
  • Energy that was given
  • Skill that was required
  • Commitment it took
  • Hardships and obstacles overcom