Set the world on fire

As humans we long to do work that we are passionate about. We search for something that fires us up. We’ll even tolerate being burned by it because these passionate causes warm us, act as beacons drawing like-minded people to us, and light our way.

What we often forget in this search is that every fire starts with a spark. We must uncover what sparks us – what truly matters and what we care about – in order to start the fire.

Once you know what it is, you must feed it. Fire needs room and oxygen to grow. If you’re serious about nurturing a spark, you must be courageous enough to keep it out in the open and constantly be tending to it. If you hide it away or ignore it, it will die out.

Every individual, team and company has the capability of setting the world on fire (even if it’s just a small part of it), you just need to find the spark.