The dirty secret of perseverance

Perseverance – the ability to keep going despite hardships, setbacks, and challenges – is a sought after trait in business these days. It’s what teams and businesses need to do the good work and build things that matter.

Perseverance is usually thought of as an individual trait; an ability that some people innately have or have worked to cultivate.

However, there’s a dirty secret about perseverance. It often has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with those around you. Strong perseverance is frequently the result of the support of people who care about you, and believe in you and what you are doing.

These solid relationships help build you back up when you’ve failed, encourage you to keep going when you are worn out, allow you to bounce ideas off of others when you are road blocked, and celebrate your accomplishments when you succeed.

Families, communities, and businesses all work the same way. The ones that persevere are the ones that have put the time and energy into building sustaining relationships and emotional connections.

If you want to do great things, you’ll do the same.