When the picture isn’t clear

Vision and mission statements for many businesses have become hollow words that live only on promotional materials and websites. Many employees would be hard put to recite their company’s vision and mission, let alone have an in-depth understanding as to where they fit in it.

While this has given visions and missions a bad rap, a clear, inspiring purpose is exactly what companies need to connect with employees and boost engagement.

Far too often people get caught up in their busy day-to-day tasks that they feel just by keeping busy they are accomplishing things. But are these the things they need to be accomplishing?

An understanding of the “big picture” and where everyone fits gives people reference to determine if they are making a difference and the value of the rest of their teammates.

By knowing the purpose of the company, it impacts performance, attitude, teamwork, and communication. Decision-making becomes easier, problem-solving simpler, and accountability and responsibility higher. It also allows employees to find more meaning in their work.

Do you know what your big picture is or is it still fuzzy?