Let them blow you away


We don’t give people enough credit for trying new things. When we bring ideas to clients that require their people to think differently or try unconventional ideas, we are often told their employees won’t like it and won’t do it.

Time and again when we’ve convinced clients to let us try novel and divergent ways of thinking and acting with their people, their teams not only latch onto these ideas, they go above and beyond in their eagerness. They are excited to climb outside of the box and explore new ways of doing their work.

What usually holds us back from giving people opportunities to step outside their comfort zone has nothing to do with them. It is our own fear. If you ask others to do something new and they don’t like it, then you’ll be the one held responsible.

However, as a leader, if you don’t give your people permission to try new things, they won’t do it on their own because of their own fear of doing something that isn’t acceptable to you.

Without offers to incorporate the new and innovative, people will stay stunted in their thoughts and actions.

Now is the time to give your people the opportunity to blow you away. You won’t be disappointed.