One step at a time

Have you ever been faced with a daunting task? A goal that seems so far in the distance – so unattainable – that you find yourself asking “Why bother?” Whether it be in your personal or work life, trying to get things accomplished when you’re in this frame of mine is never productive.

What would happen if you stopped looking at the big picture and instead started thinking about it in easy bits and pieces? Tackling some of the mini wins on the way to the big one lets you take control and be more proactive.

Let’s use weight loss as an example. As we eagerly approach swim suit weather, you may have noticed that you’ve put on a few pounds, too many evenings snuggled up under a blanket on the couch watching movies.  Your goal: lose those 10 pounds you gained. That may seem like a big number to you.  How could you possibly lose 10 lbs? 

At this point, the voices in your head start up. 

      “Where do I even begin?” 

      “Of course I’ll need to commit to a strict diet.”

     “And I’ll need that gym membership.  Perhaps I’ll have to hire a personal trainer… geez…that
      could mean big bucks.”

     “Man, I’m never going to be able to lose these 10 lbs.”

     “I wonder what’s on T.V. tonight.”

It’s easy to talk yourself out of losing the weight. But what would happen if you focused less on the end goal and more on all of the little things you have control over and can change right away? Three evenings a week you decide to watch one less hour of T.V. Instead of a bowl of chips for a snack during that movie, it’s broccoli and cauliflower with a low fat dip. 

Parking the car at the office lot? Pick a spot at the far end and walk. Those extra steps can’t hurt.

All little things.

Activities that are not inconvenient on their own, but taken as a whole over a longer period of time will contribute to your bigger goal.

This concept is relevant to all areas of life, whether it be personal or professional goals. Reducing stress and maintaining a good work/life balance by improving the little things can go a long way.

So, the next time you find yourself doubting your ability to accomplish your goals, take some time to look for the little things. In the long run, they can turn into something much bigger.