Can I get a hooah?

There’s no better example of trust between leaders and their teams than that seen in the military. Troops must unfailingly trust their leaders and the direction they choose, often laying their safety and welfare in their hands. This is the heaviest responsibility a leader can bear.

In order to build and retain this type of trust, clear communication becomes paramount. Soldiers must understand and be committed to what their leader is saying to them, and the leader must know that they understand. Any ambiguity creates risk for everyone. There is no room for uncertainty.

This may be the reason why hooah became part of the US military vocabulary. The term is an affirmation that the person fully agrees and supports the idea expressed. It’s a way to voice approval. Some sources say it is derived from the acronym HUA – Heard, Understood and Acknowledged. Overall, it is seen as a simple way of expressing high morale, confidence, motivation and spirit.

In order for any team to succeed, leaders must know that their people understand and back their vision and directions. Without this feedback, it is difficult for trust to ever be established.