Making the climb

When climbing a mountain, most people think that by the time the summit is in sight the hard work is finished. However, it is in tackling the summit where the great are separated from the good.

Up to this point, progress can be made in big strides. At the start of the climb, it is easy to find the areas that can be improved and the flaws to be fixed. There are plenty of viable ideas to capitalize on and people are excited, energized and committed to the journey.

But with every step that brings you closer to true greatness, it becomes more difficult to make these big steps. People struggle recognizing what’s holding them back, and finding new ways to move forward. People either become discouraged due to a lack of visible gains or complacent in their success. This is where the plateau happens; they put their flag in the ground and say “Close enough.”

The summit is not achieved at a run. It comes from those willing to give 1% more – it takes time, dedication and a willingness to dig deep.