Why we quit

Human beings are capable of amazing feats of strength, intelligence, endurance and creativity.

And yet, at the same time we can quit the battle at the first sign of difficulty.

We see people give up all the time who we know have the capability to accomplish great things. We can give up with the reassurances of others still in our ears telling us “You can do this!”

Why is that? What propels us to give more – more time, energy, patience, effort, skill? What moves us to endure the pain, frustration, exhaustion and fear?

As the saying goes, you have to be able to taste it. When you can clearly see the end results of where the work is taking you; when you can imagine how it will look and how good it will feel, this helps you continue. It protects you from the hardships. It’s the wind at your back.

When you know what you’re working for and why it is important, you’ll push on.

The connection must be made both logically and emotionally. The head will drive the decisions once you know where you’re going, but the heart will provide the fuel you need on the journey.