Doing it on purpose

We are sending signals to one another all the time. The key to gathering respect, support and commitment from others is whether we are sending signals on purpose or not.

Your spoken messages must always line up with your unspoken actions. Your messages never go to people directly. They are always viewed through the environment you maintain and/or your delivery.

For example, if you’re a leader and you’re always sending the message to your team that quality is important, but in your office you have a light blown or garbage all around and confidential files lying out for everyone to see, that message might not be perceived the way you intend because of your environment.

Or if you send the message of improving client satisfaction, but at the 4:45 pm on a Friday you hurry a client along during a conversation or don’t take the time to answer all their questions, then your delivery impacts your message.

Our words are only one small way we signal to one another what we feel is important and what we value. To be heard and believed, they must sit on a much stronger foundation of actions and behaviours. Make sure you send your messages with purpose.