Forget about workplace culture

Culture is one of the main buzzwords in business today. Every week we hear about an organization that is increasing their profit, productivity and employee engagement through a great workplace culture. Progressive companies are starting to take a critical look at their own cultures and wondering what they can do to improve them. Not only is a great culture good for the health of the organization, but for the employees as well.

However, what many people forget is that culture is just the end result of many, many little decisions and actions. A culture is the main beliefs and values of the organization. What forms the culture is the day-to-day climate of the organization – the attitudes, behaviours and actions of the people who work at the organization.

To create a great culture, you must work from the inside out. Every person contributes each day to the climate through their choices. You must ensure that they are making the choices necessary to one day create a good culture.

An easier way of looking at it, is to think of climate as your trees and culture as your forest. If you want a big, strong forest, you can’t ignore the health of the trees.