When you’re afraid

As much as we’d like to think otherwise, our emotions are powerful motivators – they influence our attitudes, behaviours and actions. The mightiest emotions will always be fear and love. Fear and love will drive us to do things we’d never thought possible, both positive and negative. Fear will force people to turn a blind eye to things they know they should stop. Love will give people the strength to do the unbelievable.

When building strong workplace cultures, the goal should always be to increase love and decrease fear. People who lack trust in the company, leaders and their peers will work to only protect themselves. They will not take risks, they will not speak up, they will not collaborate.

People who love their company and team will always show up, do extra, stretch outside their comfort zone, and help others grow.

No one can ever be completely void of fear. But when we can increase the love within our organizations, people will do great things even with the fear because they know if they fall, the company and their team will be there to catch them, because that’s what we do for the people we love.