There are no stupid questions

A good leader answers questions.
A great leader asks questions.

A team often looks to their leader as the one with all the information. They go to them with their questions  looking for direction and clarification.

And while a good leader should be able to provide their team with the knowledge they need to confidently move forward, a great leader understands that answering questions is only half of the equation.

Within a team, the leader shouldn’t be viewed as the one with all the information. The team itself is composed of skilled people with a wealth of valuable knowledge. A great leader goes to the team and asks questions in order to draw out the information that each person possesses so it can be shared and leveraged by others.

A leader doesn’t need to know everything. In fact, that should never be seen as their role. A great leader just needs to bring together the right people in their team and know how to ask the right questions.