Why you don’t change


The general logic is that if people simply make the choice to change their attitude and behaviour then it can happen. However, we often forget that there are other underlying issues that can affect whether change is successful.

We are Lazy

As a species, we tend to be lazy. Finding the easiest ways to do things has been an important key to human survival. It allows us to conserve energy and resources. To overcome this, there needs to be solid reasoning to give forth extra energy and we need strong reinforcements and support to maintain it.

We Don’t Want to get Hurt

We don’t like to do anything that we believe may harm us in some way. Fear of change is often not because there isn’t a good reason to change, but because there is a lack of trust that we won’t be hurt.

We are Shaped by Our Environment

We act in accordance with our surroundings. Our behaviour and actions are shaped by the environment we are in and the tools we must use. For example, check out this video explaining how we used to walk entirely differently in medieval times than we do now because of the shoes we wore. If you want change to happen, you need to look at how the environment may help or hinder it.