Sharing isn’t just caring

Since we were old enough to remember, we’ve been told we need to share with others. Not only is this just part of being a kind human, it’s also advantageous to us. When we share with others, they are more likely to be nice to us in return and share with us in the future. We gain friends and loyalty by sharing.

The same goes for the work environment when it comes to sharing our knowledge. However, sharing isn’t always a commonplace occurrence in organizations. Why don’t we share what we know? There are a few reasons:

  • Not enough time
  • Feeling uncomfortable
  •  Fear of being replaced
  • Worry that others won’t appreciate or understand our knowledge

We know overcoming these concerns is good for the organization. The best, most innovative and creative cultures are built on people willingly sharing, collaborating, and building on one another’s knowledge and skills.

But there are benefits for the individuals as well. There are good reasons to get over your fears. Sharing intensifies your knowledge, it increases what you know by encouraging new ideas from others, it allows you to be seen as a leader, and it increases your value within the organization.


Sharing goes beyond just caring. Sharing makes us all stronger.