At your worst

It’s easy to be at our best when things are going well; when everything is falling into place. When times are good, we don’t need to watch our words. Our actions come easily. It’s simple to be gracious, giving, compassionate, and open to others.

When we truly need to be at our best, though, is when we are at our worst. It is how we behave and act when things aren’t going our way that is the real sign of our character. It is the times when we’ve failed. It is the times when we haven’t followed through on our word. It is when we haven’t been strong enough, smart enough, or quick enough.

How we act in these moments, when we may be feeling stressed, angry, or embarrassed are the true tests as to whether people will work with us again and what they will say to others about us. Will we choose to lash out, close up, or deflect blame? Or will we be humble in our failings, learn from our defeat, and reach out for understanding and help? When we embrace ourselves at our worst, that’s when we earn the loyalty of others.