Here’s why Mondays suck

There’s a good reason why so many people hate Mondays. Studies show that the most common time for people to have a heart attack is Sunday night or Monday morning. And why is this? Because during this time people become stressed with the thought of returning to work and the body releases more cortisol which increases the risk of a heart attack.

Even after people retire they aren’t safe from the curse of Mondays. The body remembers the stress of Mondays for years, releasing more cortisol at this time of the week.

But Mondays don’t have to suck. By ensuring the people in our organizations are engaged, enabled and energized, we can protect them from the effects of negative stress. Engaged employees are healthier, more collaborative and more productive. By warding off the Monday blues, we are not just ensuring the success of our organizations, but transforming lives as well.

Long live TGIM.