Love conquers all

We don’t talk about love much in the workplace. But maybe we should. And not the type of love that gets you in trouble with HR.

Love is a powerful tool. It’s no coincidence that they say love conquers all. Look at what people will endure when they fight out of love for their country. Or what a mother can do for the love of her child when they are in danger. Or the sacrifices a partner will make for the love of their spouse. Just ask yourself what you’d be willing to give (or give up) for those you love most.

Love makes us committed, dedicated and loyal. But it also gives us strength and endurance when we are tired. It keeps us brave when we are afraid. It makes us fierce in the face of adversity. Love makes us a formidable force.

If you’re looking for the ultimate business tool, try love. It will make people fight for you harder than anything else.