Why do you stay?

We always interview people before they start working with us. Sometimes we interview them when they leave us. But what about while they are still with us?

Employee engagement surveys are a good way of checking on how people feel about the organization and their teams, but stay interviews get to the individual reasons why employees continue with your company and allow leaders to ensure they provide them with what they need to stay engaged.

A stay interview arms leaders with the information they need to maintain the right environment for their people – identifying key factors to retention, such as if employees feel like they are contributing to the company and if they feel they are doing their best work.

Leaders are then able to fix small frustrations before they turn into big issues that cause employees to start flirting with the possibility of leaving.

These discussions also promote two-way communication between leaders and their team and encourage employees to speak up when they feel disengaged.

So, do you know why your people stay?