Are you proud of it?

When we clock out at the end of the day, one feeling we’re looking for is pride. We want to feel that the day was worthwhile and our time and energy was not wasted.

This could be pride for our own individual skills and accomplishments, those of our team, or the company as a whole. A serious hat-trick if we have a day with all three.

When work provides a sense of pleasure and satisfaction, engagement is easier to maintain and people are more willing to work through conflicts and solve problems.

While no one can provide a person with a sense of pride, there are two ways organizations can help fuel it.

The first is to have a strong purpose within your organization. This needs to be something tangible, inspiring, and easy for people to connect with.

The second way is to ensure people understand how they contribute to both that purpose, and those around them on a daily basis. People need to feel that they are important and valued by others, and also working towards something bigger.

When people are proud of their work and the organization, a good culture is easier to build and maintain.