Failing with enthusiasm


These days people don’t like to talk about failing. Sure, we still talk about not accomplishing what we set out to do, but now we call it a learning experience, or a “not yet”.

What do we have against the word “fail”?

We all fail. It’s what allows us to grow and develop new skills and abilities. Without failing, no individual, team, or organization would be a success. And yet, we avoid the idea of failing like the plague.

Failing, in and of itself, simply means the task or objective did not turn out as we expected. However, I think most of the time we see failing as a personal attribute. The attempt wasn’t a failure, we are a failure.

The sooner we can disconnect our failing attempts from who we are, the faster we can all get on to failing with grace and enthusiasm. Because, without failing, there is no progress.

Don’t fear failing. But don’t take it personally either.

Kick Ass Zombie Hunter