The SOB leadership test


When you get to the core of leadership, being a leader comes down to two central skills – getting the job of the team done and building strong relationships within the team itself.

How well you do those things will indicate how you score on the SOB test. If you are constantly goal-driven and spend no time connecting and caring about your team, they will call you an SOB.

If you spend all your time building good relationships within the team, but are not meeting your goals, the organization will call you an SOB.

For a high performing team to function, both sides are necessary. Most of the time, a leader needs to push the team forward – sharing their vision of the future, ensuring obstacles are removed, leveraging people’s strengths and keeping the team on task.

However, a small portion of their time must be spent cultivating a safe, healthy environment for the team and fostering solid relationships. Without the trust that comes from caring for one another, the team will not be able to collaborate, innovate and have the healthy conflict necessary to reach their true potential.

So how do you rank on the SOB test?

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