Recognition is king


If you make one change in your workplace this year, let it be focusing more on recognition.

Recognition has the power to completely transform organizations by increasing engagement in employees.

Dr. Paul Marciano, a leading authority on employee engagement and retention, estimates that one minute of thoughtful recognition and appreciation has the power to generate 100 minutes of initiative. Think about that for a second. If a leader spends five minutes each day providing recognition for an employee, that would equal nearly 42 hours of self-motivation in a week.

And yet, 2 out of every 3 employees say they have not received any recognition in the past year.

Recognition doesn’t have to be all about praise either. It can simply be taking notice of what an employee is working on and asking questions about their progress and process in an open and thoughtful way. Recognition should be about reinforcing an employee’s strengths and ensuring they understand that their daily contributions matter.

Recognition is a powerful source of resourcefulness, creativity and drive. Make sure your organization embraces its full potential this year.