What story are you telling yourself?


Stories are not just a comforting bedtime ritual for children. Or a fun way to spend a Friday night at the movies. Or a good way to relax on Sunday afternoon with a book.

Our lives are ruled by stories. Every day we tell ourselves stories about who we are and what we do, and who others are and what they do.

These stories are based on three factors: our feelings, the evidence we collect based on those feelings, and the actions we take because of that evidence.

Thus, a story doesn’t become a reality until we act on it.

At any point, we can take control of the stories that play out in our lives. We can hijack them in two different ways – at the beginning and the end.

We can analyze why we are feeling a certain way and choose to look for evidence that supports another feeling.

Or we can decide we're going to act differently so the story we were telling ourselves doesn’t get validated.

We are all master storytellers. Where can you write a different beginning or ending today?