The speed of the leader


The culture of your organization dictates how employees will act, treat each other, produce work and the amount of effort they will give the organization.

And that culture is shaped in a large part by your leaders. Employees work in the environment that leaders create and mold their behaviour to match it.

As Wayne Lukas said, “The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack.”

While they play a crucial role in deciding the actions and behaviours of their teams, many leaders are not well-equipped for their roles. Much of the time, leaders are elevated to their positions because they are good at their job. However, once in a leadership position, they are now judged on how well they can get other people to do their jobs. It is now their people skills, not their technical skills, that are most important.

People skills are crucial to leadership. What separates a mediocre (or worse) leader from a great leader is their skills in communication, conflict resolution, performance management and teambuilding.

Employees don’t quit companies, they quit leaders.  

What culture are your leaders creating?