Culture isn't always fun


When we think of great cultures, we think nice digs, free snacks in the kitchen, massages at lunch and dogs at work. We think of excited, inspired people having fun at work.

But you know what? A strong culture is awesome, but it isn’t always fun.

Building and maintaining a healthy culture is difficult, dirty, uncomfortable work. This is the reason every workplace doesn’t have one.

It’s having the tough conversations when expectations don’t meet reality.

It’s letting short term opportunities pass us by because they don’t align with our values for the long term.

It’s admitting when we haven’t kept up our end of the bargain or simply don’t know what to do next.

It’s putting the needs of others before our own.

A great culture is feeling comfortable admitting a mistake. It’s being able to ask for help. It’s trusting that your co-workers (and the entire company) have your back. It’s being able to take a risk. It’s knowing you can speak up. It’s being able to have conflicting views and that’s okay.

A great culture isn’t stuff, and it doesn’t always feel good. But it’s worth it.

A Team Human Conversation

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  1. What does a great culture look and feel like to you?

  2. What is your team/organization currently doing to support a strong culture?

  3. What does your team/organization need to change to support a strong culture? How can you, as an individual, contribute?

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