Culture packs a punch


Culture is often discussed as a defensive business move – we need to keep employees happy so that they don’t become disengaged. But good culture is an offensive strategy.

A good culture does more than keep employees from being unhappy. It creates an environment where healthy conflict is possible allowing people to overcome obstacles effectively. It facilitates strong social connections that promote higher levels of collaboration. It encourages people to take smart risks and explore innovative ideas and concepts. It allows open communication at all levels, so people are informed and knowledgeable. It inspires creativity and new ways of doing things.

Creating a healthy culture isn’t something that’s just nice for employees – it’s a necessity for a successful company.

A Team Human Conversation

Fight workplace zombies in your organization and join Team Human! Gather a group of fellow workplace zombie hunters to discuss our most recent blog post. Use the questions below to kick start your conversation.

  1. How does your culture allow you to do your job well?

  2. What impact would a negative culture have on your productivity?

  3. What can you do as a team or organization to increase the offensive impact of your culture?