Rewiring Leadership


Leadership is often seen as a power position. But the best leaders, though, are the ones that don’t exercise power over their people, but rather strive to serve them.

At some point in time, our view of leadership got distorted from service to power. When people become leaders, we give them a new title, a raise and a corner office. We think these things are the givens of becoming a leader.

However, the perks of leadership are only seen as relevant to the team if the leader has shown they are willing to serve the team – that they are willing to sacrifice, take accountability, continually give, and take on the heart ache of leading others. When this is done for the betterment of the team, people have no problem providing the rewards of leadership. But they must be earned first.  

A Team Human Conversation

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  1. What characteristics do you think define a good leader?

  2. What characteristics do you think define a bad leader?

  3. How should your organization decide who becomes a leader?