When life gives you lemons


Some of the most useful advice I gain about business comes not from the corporate world, but from sources far removed from it. I make it a point to read as many diverse voices as possible. I particularly like following artists. Lisa Congdon is an artist, illustrator and author out of Portland. She creates beautiful, inspiring pieces that I encourage you to check out.

The other day, she posted a piece on Instagram about “embracing the suck” – essentially having the ability to grow and learn when things aren’t going your way. Useful advice just on it’s own, but what caught hold and held on for me, was how she says she does it. She writes, “This requires curiosity over judgment. Learning over resentment and humor over taking ourselves and our work too seriously.”

Just like that, three steps that allow you to not only accept the valleys that life will inevitably send your way but turn it into something you don’t just survive, but can use to come out stronger and wiser on the other side.

A Team Human Conversation

Fight workplace zombies in your organization and join Team Human! Gather a group of fellow workplace zombie hunters to discuss our most recent blog post. Use the questions below to kick start your conversation.

  1. What’s your go-to ways of dealing with problems and issues at work and in life?

  2. When did a negative situation teach you something valuable that helped you later?

  3. What can you do to “embrace the suck” better?