Take it personally


Don’t take it personally. Has anyone every told you that? Have you ever said it to someone else? Does it actually help you not take something personally? I know it’s never worked for me. It’s just made me take it more personally.

We tend to say it about things that happen at work. I think we use it as a way of making sure people’s feelings don’t get hurt. But why wouldn’t we want people to take their work personally? When we take things personally, it means we care. When we tell people not to take it personally, we’re really telling them not to care. When we care about something, we bring our energy and passion to it. We fight for what we think is right. We’re willing to overcome struggles and work hard.

If someone says they don’t take it personally, it usually means they’re not emotionally invested in it. And is this what we want in our workplaces? When we acknowledge that people have feelings, we can do the hard work to gain not just their time and presence, but their enthusiasm, initiative, loyalty and creativity.

So, go ahead and take it personally.

A Team Human Conversation

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  1. Has anyone ever told you to not to take something personally? How does it make you feel?

  2. Have you ever told someone not to take something personally? Why? Do you think it helped them?

  3. How would you change your actions if you knew everything about your work (and everyone else’s work) was personal?