We believe that knowledge is power. The more we can provide people with information, tools, resources, and time and opportunities to practice and refine their skills, the more committed they will be to their teams and companies. 

In addition to our Build a Kick Ass Company program, we offer a variety of other courses to help companies and their employees be the rock stars we know they can be. Check them all out below. 

The Team Human Project: Changing workplaces (and lives)

We believe that any company can build a workplace that people don’t feel obliged to fight against – one that celebrates the value of work and helps people be their best selves. Only when people feel their best will they do their best work.

The Team Human Project is designed to guide you in creating a strong culture in your team, working from the inside out – showing how every person contributes each day to the culture through their choices. It teaches team members how to make the right choices necessary to create a great place to work.

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No Nonsense Communication: Keeping it real

As the saying goes, “Words are free, it’s how you use them that may cost you.” Communication is our most powerful tool for building engaged, collaborative and innovative teams and companies, but we often take it for granted and fail to realize the work necessary to develop this skill.

In No Nonsense Communication, we give participants not only the knowledge and tools they need to be straight-shooter communicators, but the confidence and competence to start conversations that matter and move the company forward.

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Personality Dimensions™: Can't we all just get along?

The common misconception is that two brains are better than one, but if two people can’t stand to work together, it doesn’t matter how smart they are, their results will be mediocre. When the focus of employee relationships is on trust and understanding, the organization becomes resilient and successful. When people are focused on connecting and building attachments to one another, they will share ideas and concerns, contribute to one another’s thinking and feel safe giving honest feedback that helps the organization grow. 

Often it is small quirks and misunderstandings that break down a relationship. Through the Personality Dimensions™ course, participants learn about their own unique style when it comes to communication, relationship building, productivity, and conflict resolution, and the different styles of others. 

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Taking It All Off: Mastering presentation skills

We’ve all heard the saying, “Pretend the audience is naked.” Strong presenters do the opposite, they see themselves as the ones without clothes. They are willing and comfortable baring all. They are confident enough to stand on their own without any supporting tools or resources, knowing they can still connect with the audience. 

By understanding the basics of human psychology and its role in decision-making, you can learn how to tap into emotions to connect with people, give them a reason to listen, and provide them with what they need to put their faith in the message and, ultimately, make a decision in your favour. In Taking it All Off, learn how to present in a way that opens doors, creates visibility and gives you power.  

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Creating Raving Fans: The art of service

We’ve all heard of those companies that create experiences for their customers that go beyond normal business. The manner in which their customers interact and speak of them often leads to them being given “cult status”. And yet we are plagued with stories of horrendous service that exists every day. 

Creating Raving Fans shows participants how to build long-term loyalty by delivering service from a customers’ perspective while measuring the impact that service—or lack thereof—has on your bottom line. Participants learn that they are the moment of truth with the people that matter most: your customers.

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