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Rock Star Customer Service

We’ve all heard of those companies that create experiences for their customers that go beyond normal business. The manner in which their customers interact and speak of them often leads to them being given “cult status”. Their followers are fanatics; taking any opportunity to show their adoration, speak passionately about their mission, and defend intensely. 

A fundamental truth exists; we are in business to take care of the customer. Great businesses know this is their competitive advantage and with competition so stiff in business today, the client knows this as well. We have flexibility and responsiveness on our side. And yet we are plagued with stories of horrendous service that exists every day. 


The Details

Creating Raving Fans shows participants how to build long-term loyalty by delivering service from a customers’ perspective while measuring the impact that service—or lack thereof—has on your bottom line. Participants learn that they are the moment of truth with the people that matter most: your customers.

In this course, participants learn how to turn satisfied customers into raving fans. They learn that customer service is not just one component of the organization, but the entire purpose of the organization. If you’re looking to improve your fan base and create a culture that inspires great customer service, contact us today to learn more about this course.


What to Expect

Duration: 1 day
Number of participants: Maximum 20
Who should attend: Any group that works together regularly

This training is designed to be motivational, thought-provoking, challenging and highly interactive. Training will be interspersed with lecture, individual and group work, and activities to immerse participants in key learning opportunities. Participants will have many opportunities to practice these new skills and role play scenarios they face in their work. 

Main Take-Aways

  • Myths of customer service

  • Foundation to creating repeat customers

  • Creating customer “experiences”

  • Keys to building commitment vs. transactions

  • Employee service strategies

  • Owning your attitude and actions

  • Creating Moments of Truth

  • Becoming a Director of First Impressions

  • Creating customer friendly systems


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