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No Nonsense Communication

If anything is going to make or break a team or an entire organization, it is communication. Communication is one of the key predictors of team success, yet so few people in companies are taught how to communicate in a way that builds trust, respect and commitment. 

Communication is hard even when things are going well, when the going gets tough, many people allow the tension, emotion and stress of the situation to disintegrate relationships rather than using the conflict to build stronger ties. 

Good teams understand that all behaviour is communication and they work to keep the channels open between one another. 


The Details

In this one day course, participants learn the fundamentals of good workplace communication. They learn that communication isn’t just the words we say or type, but all of our behaviour, attitudes, and actions play a role. In No Nonsense Communication we cut back the assumptions, misunderstandings and distractions that impede good communication and teach people what it means to open up, speak on point, seek clarification, and deal with conflict effectively. Participants learn not just the basics of speaking, writing and listening, but also how to build an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.



What to Expect

Duration: 1 day
Number of participants: Maximum 20
Who should attend: Any group that works together regularly

This training is designed to be motivational, thought-provoking, challenging and highly interactive. Training will be interspersed with lecture, individual and group work, and activities to immerse participants in key learning opportunities. Participants will have many opportunities to practice these new skills and role play scenarios they face in their work. 

Main Take-Aways

  • Checking personal interpretations and assumptions

  • Acknowledging and accepting others’ view

  • Effective listening

  • Stepping up to feedback

  • Awareness of body language

  • Handling criticism and communicating under stress

  • Recognizing and managing emotions